The Shangri-la of ‘Super-Effects’:
A Bonanza of Benefits

Frequently, when great innovations occur, it’s like removing a log-jamb. A bonanza of unexpected benefits and brand new capabilities is released.

PRIMA Performance uses thinking processes that aim to release this tsunami of ‘Super-Effects’.


A company building a mature technology, generators, embarked on a performance improvement initiative. It was determined that improved performance was limited by the high temperature of the generator. Further investigation determined heat dissipation was restricted by a high precision component that held and positioned the generator’s coils. The problem was solved by eliminating the high precision component altogether, that is, by transferring it’s holding and positioning functions to another component of the generator, the generator’s coil cores.

A tsunami of benefits:

  1. Cost reduction due to elimination of component and its assembly (used 6X),
  2. Because of the resultant temperature reduction, the generator could be run faster, thus resulting in greater power output,
  3. Because of the increased power, the generator’s size could be reduced, hence more savings plus weight /size reduction,
  4. Because of the performance improvement, the company was able to achieve further cost reduction by changing from copper to aluminum wire,
  5. But aluminum wire, as a byproduct of its extrusion, is already coated with a ceramic-like insulation material, hence
  6. More savings, due elimination of dielectric wire insulation
  7. More windings, due less space taken up by dielectric insulation
  8. More power, more size reduction, more savings…….
  9. But aluminum wire ceramic-like insulation material could withstand much higher temperatures than the dielectric insulation previously used on copper, hence the generator could rotate at even higher speeds, thus even more
    size/weight/cost reduction, etc……………...

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